Whether you need nightly, weekends only, or somewhere in between, Stockton Janitorial Supplies & Service uses APPA-approved guidelines. You simply choose the level of service that you require. Then you always know what to expect and we always know what’s expected. Easy! And remember: we don’t just know how to clean but why. The way we clean leads to reduced exposure to contaminants for occupants. We can also help you “green” up your building slowly or all at once, depending on your schedule, your budget and your timetable.

We use the valley's only surfactant-free process to keep you carpeting looking as fresh and new as the day it was installed and we have extensive knowledge and experience with all types of hard-surface flooring, including tile, concrete, VCT and wood. We make all of these surfaces gleam using a variety of methods, including zinc-free eco-friendly finishes.


We know you want to get away from high-priced brand names. Stockton Janitorial Supplies & Service carries a full-line of non-proprietary products that fit virtually any type of existing dispenser. And if you still want those brand names, no worries: we carry all of the top brands as well!

We also carry an extensive variety of health and safety-related products, including both latex and nitrile gloves, hard hats, vests and supports.

If your supply needs include those of an industrial nature, we've got you covered there as well. We offer a full line of products to make any industrial facility run more efficiently. And if we don't carry a particular product that you need, we'll do our best to research and source that item and share that information with you.


We believe that communication is the key to successful relationships...and we know that English isn't everyone's first language. Because we offer ESL training to every employee, every representative of Stockton Janitorial Supplies & Service is capable of communicating clearly and effectively with all of our customers. In other words, "¡Si, no hay problema!"